Arundo Removal Workshop in Tanque Verde Creek - May 14, 2022

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There’s a bad weed on the loose, and its name is Arundo donax.

This highly invasive plant is trying to make a home in the Tanque Verde Creek, which runs through the northeast side of the Tucson valley, and feeds into the Rillito and Santa Cruz Rivers. Arundo guzzles 3-4 times more water than native plants like cottonwood, willow, and mesquite, and it is highly flammable.

Enter the Arundo warriors from the Watershed Management Group’s River Run Network. In keeping with the network’s mission of restoring Tucson’s heritage of flowing rivers, these warriors are taking aim at Arundo.

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, WMG hired me to photograph an Arundo removal workshop along the Tanque Verde. This gallery shows these dedicated volunteers and workshop leader Jim Washburne in action.
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